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Energy Saving Solutions

Saver than ever with PHENIX LED Saves have successfully delivered thousands of LED upgrade services across Australia and New Zealand.

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Energy Saving Solutions

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45 Terra Cotta Drive,
Nunawading VIC 3131

Phone: 1800 533 72837

Email: info@ledsaves.org

Energy Saving Upgrades

We provide a wide range of energy saving residential and commercial products for your home and for various business environments, from industrial, retail, offices to hospitals.


Conventional lighting can cost you up to 25% of energy expenditure. With our commercial and residential LEDs you can save up to 80% on lighting costs.


Older refrigerated display cabinets can use more energy than modern refrigeration units sold today

Water Saving

Our shower heads are 3 Star WELS rated Water-saving showerheads, fixed and hand held supplied and installed by a qualified installer.


People Says

I'm so impressed with the integrity of your company. Thank you so much for returning the funds which where accidentally paid to you.

On behalf of this church I can say we greatly appreciate your kind actions.

Thank you again.

Hello LEDSaves,
I am really satisfied with the work carried out by your employee.
At first, I was sceptical as to how the new lights would be. It was not until the evening after he night set in, that I turned the outside lights on, that I realised how superior the new lights were.

Thank you!

That's all fine and we (my wife and I) are very happy with the performance of the 6 replacement LEDs. We had worried in the past the LEDs would now be adequate replacements for our existing spotlights but the LEDs that were installed have proved us wrong.


Thank you for the email. My home did change the LED bulb on May 15th, snf the attached information is all correct. Thank you very much for your company and stuff. The bulb and service are very good.

Thank you for your email. Please pass on my thanks to the two gentleman that came to my house to change the 14 globes. They were friendly, professional and efficient as well as being very informative. I highly recommend these two workers. Thank you - much appreciated.


I would like to thank you for changing our globes to LEDs.
Also, I would like to thank the gentlemen who did the replacing. They were courteous and very efficient.
Many thanks!

Lightning Solutions

Saver than ever with PHENIX LED Saves have successfully delivered thousands of LED upgrade services across Australia and New Zealand. Workplace that we serve are office, healthcare, hospitality, schools, retail, industrial and more.

Energy Efficient RDCs for New South Wales Businesses

As part of the New South Wales Energy Upgrade, eligible food & beverage businesses can qualify for a display fridge you only need to pay $275 as a minimum co-payment as per the new rules of the scheme

*This program of Display Fridge for Victoria is on hold as per the new rule of the scheme. We'll keep you posted once its back!

Learn more about the Heat Pump Upgrade

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Phenix LED Saves is Corporate Member of Energy Savings Industry Association (ESIA).