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Kaden sprung from a simple idea. Heating and cooling solutions that just work, with features you don’t need an engineering degree to understand. It was important our systems were designed to withstand our varied Australian climate. That’s what Kaden is. Simple solutions that easily ensure comfort.

We source the best manufacturing partners from across the globe. We’re committed to ensuring every system is built to last, so our products are tested extensively before they’re brought to market.

KS Split System Air Conditioner

Model: KS09 & KS12 Outdoor / KS12 Indoor

The Kaden Wall Mounted Split System Air Conditioner sits discretely on your wall and regulates your home’s temperature in any season. Reach your ideal temperature when you need it.


  • Auto mode

The unit will automatically select heating or cooling mode.

  • Turbo mode

Provides a boost in cooling or heating power for a period of time, this allows you to reach your desired temperature quickly.

  • Anti-cold air function

Prevents cold air from blowing out to avoid discomfort when heating mode is started.

  • 3D airflow

Combines vertical and horizontal auto swing to ensure an even distribution of air throughout the entire room.

  • Auto swing

Distributes cool or warm air to an entire area by moving the horizontal louvres automatically.

  • Two-directional airflow

In cooling mode, horizontal airflow does not blow cool air directly at the occupants in the room. When heating, vertical airflow provides powerful floor level heating. Precise airflow control makes your room more comfortable.

  • 360° airflow panel

360° air outlet creates soft and gentle air flow which circulates throughout the whole space and provides an even temperature distribution in the room.

  • Memory louvre

The louvres can be stopped and positioned at any angle. The louvres will return to the same position the next time the units starts.

  • Up/Down louvres swing

The horizontal louvres will swing up and down. You can set this to your desired angle.

  • Lateral swing

The vertical louvres will swing from right to left. Louver angle can be set to a specified position.

  • On/Off timer function

The unit can be set to start and/or stop at a specified time.

  • Quiet design (silent mode)

The indoor fan can run at a super quiet breeze speed keeping the indoor noise level extremely low during silent mode operation.

  • Follow me

When you press the Follow me button on your remote controller you’ll have the temperature you want anywhere in the room. A unique temperature sensor in the controller allows the unit to adjust the room temperature to the perfect level exactly where you want it to be.

  • Mute operation

Allows you to turn off any sounds and the LED display giving you a quiet and comfortable environment to sleep in.

  • Filter type

The filter has three filters built into one. It will effectively catch and breakdown compounds as well as harmful gases and odors. Platinum nano-particles which are added to the filter fiber provide an antibacterial and mould proof agent protecting against allergies.

  • Washable filter

The filter can easily be detached from the unit for easy cleaning.

  • Self-cleaning

When selected, the self clean function will run a self cleaning cycle after the unit is switched off. This keeps the unit clean and provides a healthy environment by minimising the build up of dust and mould.

  • ECO mode

When activated the unit will begin an 8 hour energy saving mode which reduces energy consumption by up to 60% when compared to normal operation.

  • Sleep mode

Gradually decreases or increases the temperature during the first two hours. It will then keep the temperature steady for five hours before switching off. This reduces energy consumption whilst keeping the temperature at a comfortable level giving you the perfect nights sleep

  • DR function

Helps cope with peak demand periods. The air conditioner can reduce energy consumption while continuing to circulate cool or warm air to ensure the right level of comfort.

  • Auto defrosting

Prevents the evaporator from freezing in low temperature environments

  • Low ambient cooling

The air conditioner can run in cooling or heating modes even when the outdoor ambient temperature is -15°C.

  • Self-diagnosis and auto-protection

If there is a part failure the unit will switch off automatically to protect your air conditioner. An error code will appear to assist with a fast and easy fix.

  • Refrigerant leakage detect

The unit will shut down automatically in the rare event that a refrigerant leak is detected. This helps protect your air conditioner from permanent damage.

  • Back-up switch

The indoor unit has an external manual backup on/off switch if you lose your remote controller.

  • Auto restart function

If a blackout occurs an auto restart function will record its last programmed setting. Once power is restored the unit will automatically return to your programmed setting.


Product Under VEU Government Scheme

The cost of heating and cooling your home or business can be a significant part of your energy bills. On average, Victorian households can spend up to $800 a year, or a third of their energy bill, on heating.

The Victorian Government is committed to helping Victorian households and businesses reduce their energy costs. We are helping you receive rebates or discounts through businesses accredited under the program (Accredited Providers) for replacing old heating and cooling systems with more energy efficient systems, or simply purchasing new energy-efficient systems.

To participate, you must use an Accredited Provider or a tradesperson, such as a plumber or an electrician, that has a relationship with an Accredited Provider so that you can access the rebate.

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