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Panasonic prides itself on producing premium products that are built to last, essential in a commercial kitchen environment. We build-in unique design features, conduct extensive testing and manage strict quality assessment procedures, that have resulted in a solid track record of performing in any conditions. We don’t compromise on quality.

To ensure a dedicated B2B approach, we operate from within the Hussmann Australia Pty Ltd (a Panasonic company), a market leader in the manufacture and supply of supermarket fridge and freezer cabinets across Australia. In Sydney we have over 17,000 sq metres of factory/warehouse where we keep a vast range of parts and extensive stock to support fast turnaround orders and speedy repairs. It is this network and warehousing capacity that enables us to maximise our reach for service and support.

Model: SRR-1281HP (AUS) / SRR-1581 (AUS)

The Panasonic commercial fridge with forced evaporation and pillarless design is a great choice for the busy, modern kitchen.

Now available with single and 2 doors split in various widths leads to maximum utilization of floor space and ideal for storing large items.

Easily stackable upright chiller with an option of standard castors and left door opening model available for 2 door model.

Panasonic SRR-1281HP (AU) Upright Chiller

  • Two Door Split Door
  • Centre-Pillarless Design
  • Forced Evaporation System
  • Heater Defrost
  • Capacity: 1080 Litre
  • Power:10A, 220-240V/50HZ

Panasonic SRR-1581HP (AU) Upright Chiller

  • Two Door Split Door
  • Centre-Pillarless Design
  • Forced Evaporation System
  • Heater Defrost
  • Capacity: 1329 Litre
  • Power:10A, 220-240V/50HZ


Model SRR-1281HP(AU) SRR-1581HP(AU)
Supplier Panasonic Panasonic
Power 10A, 220-240V/50HZ 10A, 220-240V/50HZ
Net Weight of Equipment (kg) 131 148
Product Width (mm) 800 800
Product Height (mm) 1995 1995
Product Depth (mm) 1210 1460
Product Class Class 9 Class 9
Duty Type Normal Duty Normal Duty
Characteristic Code SRV SRV
TEC 4.79 kWh/24h 5.98 kWh/24h
Net Volume 1080 litres 1329 litres

Product Under VEU Government Scheme

Older refrigerated display cabinets can use more energy than modern refrigeration units sold today. If you are using an older refrigerated display cabinet, especially one that was made before minimum energy efficiency standards were introduced in 2003, you may be paying more for energy than you should be.

The Victorian Government is committed to helping Victorian businesses reduce their energy costs. We are helping you receive rebates or discounts through businesses accredited under the program (Accredited Providers) for purchasing high efficiency refrigerated display cabinets.

All Victorian businesses are eligible to participate.

To participate, you must work with a business approved to deliver, or facilitate upgrades under the program. These businesses are known as Accredited Providers.

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