Water Efficient Pre-Rinse Spray Valve

Fisher Spray Valve (GF2949-2913A)

Your pre-rinse faucet is an important part of the warewashing process, so it’s equally important to have a spray valve that’s up to the task. With this valve from Fisher, you can be sure that even stubborn food debris will be washed off and your dishes will be ready for the dishwasher or compartment sink.

Durable and Reliable

This valve is designed to provide performance and durability that you can count on, and is guaranteed for 1 million cycles. The valve is made from brass with a high-strength bronze alloy and is insulated to prevent accidental burns. It boasts a number of other useful features to improve reliability too, like a full-surround dish guard bumper to prevent leaks, a nylon friction disk for smooth handle action, and internal gaskets that are easy to replace if they should wear out.

Fits All Major Brands

Since it fits all major brands, this valve is a great way to upgrade your faucet and make life easier for your employees

Easy to Use Handle Clip

The built-in spray clip swings into place to lock the handle down or release it, unlike clumsy hold down rings that can move all around the spray valve handle.

WELS Specifications:

WELS Registration Number T14469
License Number 0308
Model Name GF2949-2913A
Model Code GF2949-2913A
Subtype Spray taps
Flow controller Flow controller not fitted
Nominal Flow Rate 3.3
WC to Appear on Label 3.5
Water Efficiency Star Rating  6
Status  Registered

WELS Certification Document

Product Under VEU Government Scheme

Some businesses waste a large amount of water each year, resulting in high water and energy costs and placing pressure on our community’s water supply.

The Victorian Government is committed to helping Victorian households and businesses reduce their energy costs. We are helping you receive rebates or discounts through businesses accredited under the program (Accredited Providers) for purchasing water-efficient spray valves.

By participating, you can save money on the purchase costs, reduce your water and energy bills and help the environment.

All Victorian businesses are eligible to participate.