As-Dew Water Enhancer, Elixir

As-Dew Water Enhancer, Elixir

As-Dew Water Enhancer, Elixir

As Dew Water Enhancer makes clean water better.

Water is vital to human body and health however not all waters are the same. While drinking polluted and contaminated water can cause illness and even death, drinking super clean or pure water can potentially be harmful to our health due to the lack of minerals as well as being on the acidic side.

Product Specifications

Working Water Pressure: < 125psi

Flow Rate: 2 ~ 4 litres/min

Lifespan: 12 months

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There are also essential minerals such calcium and magnesium, silica and potassium in drinking water which are important to our health.

Calcium is needed for strong bones and teeth as well as plays a critical role in blood clotting, cell growth and production of hormones. Magnesium is also needed for strong bones and for energy metabolism as well as the structure and functioning of muscles. Magnesium also helps to regulate blood pressure and medical studies have shown protective effect on the risk of hypertension when magnesium is present in drinking water.

Silica in drinking water may help to reduce development of Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders. Potassium helps to regulate fluid balance and blood pressure, in addition it is also responsible for blood sugar level and the conduction of nerve impulses.

Activated carbon and ceramic balls

Very pure water is actually slightly acidic liquid, yet healthy body should be slightly alkaline. Some medical researches have reported cancer cells thrive in acidic environment, cannot grow or even survive in alkaline conditions. A growing number of health care practitioners and scientists have been advocating the theory that aging and disease are the direct result of the accumulation of acid wastes products in the body.

Water produced by distillation, reverse osmosis, multi-stage filtration or UV sterilisation etc. are clean of contaminants however lack essential minerals and often acidic. As Dew Water Enhancer contains activated carbon and ceramic balls to mineralise, alkalise, purify and vitalise water. Activate carbon is the most widely used water treatment material to trap contaminants. Odorous impurities, unpleasant tastes, toxic organic compounds, chlorine and other chemicals are adsorbed by activate carbon.

Ceramic Balls are made from numerous rare natural minerals and gems. Water enhanced with ceramic balls are mildly alkaline (pH7.2-9.0), contain natural minerals include calcium, magnesium, silica and potassium, energised with far-infra-red energy, bio available and readily absorbed into cells.

As Dew Water Enhancer can be easily installed easily post As Dew Water Filtration System or most other water filtration system to improve the clean and pure water. As Dew Water Enhancer only need replacement every 12 months under normal use. Quality of clean water is greatly improved with the addition of As Dew Water Enhancers.


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