ECO-PEM 100333JCA Shower Rose

ECO-PEM 100333JCA Shower Rose

ECO-PEM 100333JCA Shower Rose

ECO-PEM 100333JCA Shower Heads

Product Description:

  • Durable finish
  • One way flow technology refuse leaking
  • Air technology More powerful massage water
  • LED color changes depending on the water temperature
  • Multi-layer Electroplate, Durable material high quality ABS, Mirror Surface
  • TPR easy to clean the outlet nozzl
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  • Model 100333JCA
  • Spray Material TPR
  • Handle Material ABS
  • Color  Chrome
  • Surface  Chrome
  • Warranty  2 year
  • Size  270mm*125mm

WELS Registration number: S14917

Licence number: 1885

Brand : ECO-PEM

Model name: 100333JCA

Model code: 100333JCA

Subtype: Hand-held

Function: Multi-function

Hose: without hose

Flow controller: Flow controller in shower head

Nominal flow rate: 7.35

WC to appear on label: 7.5

Water efficiency star rating: 4 (>6.0 but <=7.5 plus spray force and coverage tests)

Status: Registered

1 review for ECO-PEM 100333JCA Shower Rose

  • Michelle

    The ECO-PEM 100333JCA Shower Rose has surpassed my expectations in every aspect. It’s not just a shower head; it’s a comprehensive solution for a more delightful and refreshing showering experience!

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